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Online Consultation With Doctors

  1. How does an online consultation work?

    We at KIMS would like to help you with your regular and timely consultation with the doctors directly at your doorstep through virtual consultations. The doctor would listen, look, check your previous records, and help you with the measures to be followed.

  2. Are all the OP services available in online consultation?

    Yes, we ensure all the OP (out-patient) consultations, through online consultations. Based on the severity and requirement, the doctor would advise the further steps.

  3. How will the doctors proceed with the examination?

    Our qualified doctors first examine you through the voice and video. The advanced features to have a video call and upload images provided, will let our doctors know your previous consultation history and checks.

  4. What if the physical examination is unavoided?

    In case our doctor feels physical examination is medically necessary and cannot help you online, he would immediately suggest you for a physical checkup and will cancel the online appointment.

  5. Can we expect qualified doctors in online consultation?

    At KIMS, we always maintain the high standards with qualified doctors, we assure our very own doctors would represent you in the online consultation. You need not worry about qualifications!

  6. Will the consultation be confidential?

    Yes, we ensure all the consultations are highly secured, and no data would be breached across. The confidentiality of the information and privacy are highly guarded.

  7. What will happen after the consultation?

    Based on the information provided by you, our doctors would suggest further steps for either the test diagnosis or lifestyle tips or the prescription. We ensure to stand by your side till you recover fully.

  8. Can I book an appointment with the same doctor again?

    Yes, if you feel you have more uncleared queries to discuss with your doctor, you can always request for further consultation. Based on the time frame, the charges would levy on.

  9. Where can I get the medication that the doctor has prescribed?

    Generally, an e-prescription would be issued after the consultation, which can be used for getting your medication. This would almost serve as an original prescription.



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