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We treat a number of patients suffering from medical emergencies, injuries and accidents after expedient clinical assessment and evaluation with appropriate care within 4 hours of arrival. People who are in life-threatening medical need receive highly coordinated, multispecialtycare in a technologically advanced setting. Whether you have experienced a traumatic injury, are receiving an organ transplant or are in a surgical emergency situation, the KIMS team is with you.

The acute care surgery team at KIMS provides care to critically ill patients in a collaborative fashion in combination of three areas: trauma surgery, surgical critical care and emergency general surgery.

Critical care surgery deals with the preoperative and postoperative care of surgical patients that have acutely life-threatening conditions caused by injury or illness. Trauma surgery involves treating critical physical injuries due to external force on an emergency basis. The most common injuries treated at by our specialists are falls and motor vehicle accidents. Emergency general surgery involves the evaluation, resuscitation, and operative care for patients experiencing an acute general surgical problem. Our emergency general surgery staff cares for patients who arrive in the emergency room with acute general surgery conditions such as appendicitis which is inflammation of the appendix, cholecystitis meaning sudden irritation of the gall bladder, bowel obstructions caused by a number of pathological processes including postoperative adhesions, malignancies, Crohn's disease and hernias hernias and intra-abdominal emergencies.

We provide comprehensive evaluation and treatment for patients with a variety of wound types with an emphasis on lower extremity wounds as well as advanced care of chronic and problematic wounds. Our expertise includes treatment of chronic wounds including diabetes-related, venous, vascular or pressure wounds along with non-healing post-surgical and traumatic wounds. We also treat advanced diabetic ulcers with new and advanced therapies to make wounds close more quickly.

Our emergency care facility is also equipped to care for medical emergencies such as heart attack, stroke, severe asthma, pneumonia, shock and sepsis. Industrial accident and toxicology or poisoning cases are routinely treated alongside pediatric, ENT, orthopedic and ophthalmic emergencies.

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