Cardiac Rehabilitation Centre


The KIMS Cardiac Rehabilitation Center is equipped with aerobic and resistance exercise equipment to meet all of the needs of each individual. For individuals enrolled in the Cardiac Rehabilitation Program, wireless telemetry monitors the electrocardiogram during each workout. We also monitor blood pressure before, during, and after exercise, as needed.

The cardiac rehab facility is complete with exercise equipment, i.e., treadmills, ergocycles, steppers and cross trainers; a gymnasium for pre-class warm-up and resistance training classes; Human Performance Labs for fitness testing; and a dedicated area for patient education.

Advanced technology helps in Preventive Cardiac Care. For our Preventive Program, we have non-invasive diagnostic testing like EKGs and stress tests. We also have more technologically advanced tests such as 3-dimensional echocardiography and the 16-slice CT scan to get clear and accurate images of the heart.

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