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The Department is comprised of seven divisions including Behavioral Sciences and Community Dental Education; Biomaterials and Bioengineering; Clinical General Dentistry; Patient Care Simulation; Endodontics, Oral Epidemiology and Dental Public Health and Prosthodontics.

We strive to emphasize preventive measures to prevent, treat, and manage dental caries as well as understand the effects of dental care on medical care costs. Our goals include:

  • Incorporate our preventive and minimally invasive treatment philosophy, together with new and existing diagnostic and behavioral methods.
  • Educate and inspire dental students, residents and graduate students, volunteers who will become future leaders in dental science, education, and practice.
  • Build an outstanding translational, clinical, outcomes, and behavioral research program, in concert with our basic science program.
  • Devise and promote effective public health measures for delivering prevention-based dentistry for individuals and communities.

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