Best Endoscopic Bariatric Surgeon In Hyderabad

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Dr. Sreekanth Appasani

Consultant Medical Gastroenterologist

Best Bariatric Surgeon in Hyderabad

KIMS Hospitals, the top hospital for endoscopic bariatric surgery in hyderabad, provide state of the art facilities along with specialist doctors for bariatric surgery. We focus on minimal access surgeries that allow doctors to execute sophisticated procedures utilizing minimal incisions instead of more invasive open surgical techniques. The patients feel less operational pain and endure quicker recovery. KIMS Hospitals also need patients to undergo comprehensive medical screening before proceeding with the surgery. Furthermore, intensive care is offered following the treatment. To avoid problems, bariatric surgery involves high quality treatment and lengthy follow up. KIMS Hospitals employ experts who meticulously perform all necessary follow-ups and examinations on their patients.



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