Best Interventional Neuroradiologists in India

profile photo ofDr. G. Ananta Ram

Dr. G. Ananta Ram

Senior Consultant Radiology & Neuro Interventional Radiologist

Top Interventional Neuroradiology Doctors in India

Interventional neuroradiology is an emerging specialty in which radiologists make use of minimally invasive procedures to treat a wide range of vascular disorders in the brain, head, neck and spine. Following their radiology residency, these radiologists pursued further fellowship training in interventional neuroradiology (also known as endovascular surgical neuroradiology) at some of the country's most respected institutions.

Interventional neuroradiology operations are sophisticated and demanding and they are frequently coordinated by multidisciplinary teams of neurologists, neurosurgeon and neuroradiologists. KIMS is glad to provide a broad variety of interventional neuroradiology procedures.

KIMS endovascular and interventional specialists use cutting edge image guided procedures to deliver therapeutic agents percutaneously (without requiring open surgery). Endovascular Surgical Neuroradiology and minimally invasive neuro interventional procedures offer several advantages, including shorter hospital stays, shorter recovery times and lower procedural risks. We also perform diagnostic cerebral, head and neck and spinal angiography.



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