Best Radiation Oncology Doctors in Hyderabad

profile photo ofDr. T. Pratap Reddy

Dr. T. Pratap Reddy

Consultant Radiation Oncologist

profile photo ofDr. Narasimha Rao

Dr. Narasimha Rao

Consultant Radiation Oncologist

profile photo ofDr. Gangadhar Vajrala

Dr. Gangadhar Vajrala

Jr. Consultant Radiation Oncologist

profile photo ofDr. Shitalkumar Surana

Dr. Shitalkumar Surana

Consultant Radiation Oncologist

profile photo ofDr. Siva Kumar G

Dr. Siva Kumar G

Consultant Radiation Oncology

Top Radiation Oncologists in Hyderabad

The Radiation Oncology Department at KIMS Hospitals are considered the best in Hyderabad for using the most advanced technology to ensure high precision radiation therapy. KIMS Hospitals offer advanced technology for fighting cancer delivered by a team of cancer specialists. We use intensity modulated and image guided radiation treatment (IMRT/IGRT) to improve cancer control and minimize side effects. Our treatment is delivered by highly qualified and experienced team of doctors that treats all types of cancer. These dedicated specialists carefully arrange and supervise radiation treatments to ensure that the prescribed dosages are correct and properly administered.

Radiation oncologists at KIMS Hospitals are devoted to staying current on the latest breakthroughs in their field and are always looking for new ways to improve treatment outcomes. They interact with researchers and participate in clinical trials, helping to advance radiation therapy techniques.



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