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Friday, November 8, 2019

urgery was not considered as an option for cancer in the traditional methods of cancer treatment. Infact it was treated as a life threatening disease and incurable to a certain extent. In the last fifty years there has been tremendous research and the outcome is the innovation of the new techniques which have been beneficial and lifesaving. The medical science is proud of the improvisation and is still working relentlessly for better methods.

What cancer treatment is better? Surgeries or therapies.

A cancer patient would still prefer a drug therapy like chemotherapy for instance. The drug therapy although can kill the cancer cells or prevent them from growing further is known to cause long term side effects. The therapies too don’t assure a permanent cure.

However there has been more options for a cancer treatment today robotic surgery being one such option which can be conducted successfully only by the experienced robotic oncology doctors in India. Surgery is a small wound on your skin through which the cancerous area or the tumor is removed completely or partially depending on the extent of the disease.

The best Robotic cancer centres in India uses surgery in combination with Adjuvant therapy which is used before and after the operation and has had good results and is known to have cured the disease completely.

Diagnosis :

With the revolution in the imaging tests like the intra operative molecular imaging methods have resulted in improved and clearer visuals and images of the tumor enabling the robotic oncology specialists in Hyderabad to remove the exact area and all of the tumor accurately. This innovation is commendable as it shows the exact position of the tumor.

The minimally Invasive technique and the robotic surgery :

The Robotic cancer surgery in India is conducted by a robot instead of a surgeon who spends long hours in conducting a surgery. A small incision is made and the operation is done with the help of robotic arms. Each robot is different and it’s not to be assumed that the robots are programmed to conduct a surgery. The robot is used as the doctor himself will not be able to reach the delicate areas of the body. Although the surgical robot is working on the surgery, every action of it is controlled by the surgeon himself.

The minimal incision enables the patient to recover over a short period of time. This method however cannot be used for every procedure except for abdominal and chest procedures. For other cancers such as the head and the neck or the paediatric tumors certain improvements have to be made. The statistics say that the minimally invasive procedure is used more often than the other treatments in cancer surgery.

Why KIMS ?

K.I.M.S. panel of specialists can distinguish between the different types of cancers the one that grows slow and the other cancers that advances rapidly. For the latter cases surgery and other immediate treatments are essential. A constant check for the diagnosis, the growth and the stage of cancer at the best robotic oncology hospitals in India will keep your mind at peace and continuous monitoring in a good state of health.



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