Cardiac Arrhythmia Centre


Krishna Institute of Medical Sciences’ EP Cardiology/ Cardiac Arrhythmia Department undertakes over 60 - 70 pacemaker implants and electrophysiological studies supplemented by radiofrequency ablation each year. This laboratory provides catheter-guided electrophysiology testing and radiofrequency ablation to patients with various cardiac rhythm disorders. Our Electrophysiology division is provided with dedicated Cardiac electrophysiology laboratory with state-of-the art 240-channel intracardiac ECG monitoring system (BARD-Pro-EP system) and the 3-D Electroanatomic mapping system (EnSite Velocity system).

3-D electroanatomic mapping using EnSite or CARTO is a cutting edge technology that makes this center the only one in the south India to have this as a regular adjuvant to the ablation of complex arrhythmias. Our Cardiologists, technicians and healthcare professionals work as a team to implement the latest technology, including implantable defibrillators, pacemakers, diagnostic electrophysiology studies, tilt table tests and signal averaged electrocardiograms.

Apart from these, the electrophysiology division maintains a non-invasive cardiac laboratory which has a 24-hour Holter System with advanced features. The division also performs Head-up- tilt-table test (HUTT), an essential test in the diagnostic evaluation of syncope. The additional diagnostic evaluations in the electrophysiology lab include assessment of sinus nodal and AV nodal functions, assessment of of ventricular tachycardia inducement, drug challenge (flecainide, adrenaline etc.) tests for channelopathies, autonomic function tests and implantation of loop recorders.

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