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What is tracheostomy?

Also referred to as tracheotomy, Tracheostomy is a medical procedure under which your healthcare provider may make an incision in your neck to place a tube to your windpipe or trachea. The tracheostomy tube is placed into your hole so that it remains open for breathing.

Hence, this procedure will be opted only when you have a problem breathing through the regular air passage. So you can know all about the throat surgery tracheotomy in hyderabad if you have a long-term requirement for a ventilator that can help you to breathe. However, sometimes this surgery may even be performed in case of an emergency, when your airway is suddenly blocked, like after an injury. Moreover, once tracheostomy is no longer required, your hole may heal shut or will be closed surgical.

Why is a Tracheostomy required?

There are different situations which may require you to know trach surgery price in hyderabad. Let’s have a glance at these situations.

  • When you have any congenital abnormalities in your airway.

  • When your airway burns due to the inhalation of corrosive material.

  • Facial burns, surgery, or severe neck and mouth injuries.

  • Coma.

  • Cancers affecting your neck or head

  • Injury to the voice box.

  • Blockage in the airway due to the entry of a foreign object.

  • Requirement of long-term ventilator support.

  • Infection.

Other than this, there are even other less common reasons that may require you to undergo a tracheostomy. These reasons include injury to your chest, or walls, issues in the muscles that are used in swallowing, or dysfunction that could affect your diaphragm. Sometimes a child may even require tracheostomy if he or she has certain breathing issues, needs help to remove extra mucus or experiences aspirations.

What happens during the tracheostomy procedure?

Before your tracheostomy procedure, you should know all about the tracheostomy stoma closure surgery in hyderabad to weight its benefits along with its risks.

Generally, this procedure may be performed in an operating room with general anaesthesia so that you are comfortable through the process. However, in certain situations, local anaesthesia may even be used to numb just your throat and neck area. Once anaesthesia is given, your healthcare provider will perform the procedure. Generally, there are two major options for performing tracheostomy- surgical Tracheotomy and minimally invasive Tracheotomy. The particular option chosen by your healthcare provider will affect your Tracheostomy Surgery cost in Hyderabad.

  • Surgical tracheotomy.

    Under the surgical tracheostomy in hyderabad, your healthcare provider may aim at making a horizontal cut at the lower area of your front neck. Then your healthcare provider will pull aside the surrounding muscles to get access to your thyroid gland. Once your healthcare provider gets access to the thyroid gland, he will cut its small part to get hold of your windpipe or trachea. Then a hole may be made by your surgeon at a specific point on your windpipe, usually near the base of your neck.

  • Minimally invasive tracheotomy.

    Also referred to as percutaneous tracheotomy, this procedure may be performed in a hospital room. Under the minimally invasive tracheotomy, your healthcare provider will make a small incision at the base of your neck. Moreover, a special lens will even be given to you through your mouth so that your surgeon can view the inside of your throat. Then a needle is guided into the windpipe with the help of the visual guidance given through the special lens to create a tracheostomy hole.

These are the different procedures of the throat surgery tracheotomy in hyderabad.


  1. What are the potential risks and complications of the tracheostomy procedure?

    Though tracheostomy procedures are generally safe, they do have certain risks. Moreover, the risks of this procedure amplify if it is performed in an emergent situation. These risks include bleeding, the buildup of air between your chest wall and the lungs, collection of blood in your neck, displacement of the tracheostomy tube, or damage to your nerves, thyroid gland or trachea.

  2. How will your doctors secure the tube in place?

    Your healthcare provider will secure the tube in place by using a neck strap that will be attached to the faceplate of the tube. Sometimes temporary sutures may even be used to secure this faceplate to the skin of your neck.

  3. What is the average cost of a surgical tracheostomy in Hyderabad?

    The average Tracheostomy Surgery cost in Hyderabad is around ₹8,470 to ₹12,320. Moreover, the maximum price of this surgery is around ₹37,000. The price depends on different factors and hence may vary from hospital to hospital.

  4. Which is the best hospital to know about tracheostomy?

    The best team of pulmonary intensivist doctors at KIMS works collaboratively with other specialists to provide the best possible treatment to the patients. Moreover, this hospital has standardized the tracheostomy procedure so that it is extremely safe for their patients.

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