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The Heart Valve Center KIMS offers a broad spectrum of New Minimally-Invasive Procedures to repair or replace malfunctioning heart valves. The Heart Valve Center’s technological advancements include:

  • Using robotics in the repair of valves
  • Testing and deploying the Mitraclip - a miniature clip that is threaded into a leaking mitral valve to improve its function
  • Using a new collapsible aortic heart valve that can be placed into the heart non-surgically
  • Conducting Minimally- Invasive Robotics Surgery to Repair Mitral Valve
  • Using Da Vinci® Surgical System robotics gives surgeons the capability to perform major cardiac procedures without a sternotomy, the major incision traditionally used to open the chest.
  • Using TAVI - Transcatheter Aortic Heart Valve Research- A procedure involving a Collapsible Aortic Heart Valve that can be manipulated into place with minimally-invasive techniques. The surgeon introduces the tiny valve through a tube inserted in the groin or between the ribs and guides it into the valve to seal the damaged valve to restore function.

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