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Glossectomy Cost

What is Glossectomy?

A glossectomy is a surgical procedure which is a part of tongue cancer treatment. With this surgery, your healthcare provider may aim at resurrecting either a part or all of your tongue. Besides tongue cancer, this surgery could even be used to treat throat cancer or other oral cavities. As we all know, the tongue plays a crucial job in speaking, swallowing, tasting, licking and breathing. It is made up of two parts, namely the oral tongue or the front part of the tongue, as well as the base of the tongue which is a part of the throat.

Hence, the tongue is a crucial organ and its cancer could be considered very dangerous to your health because it can easily disperse to the nearby lymph glands. Due to this, the cancer specialists may recommend the glossectomy procedure in hyderabad that can inhibit the spread of cancer by removing the tongue. However, in most cases, only a part of the tongue is removed and this type of surgery is referred to as partial glossectomy surgery in hyderabad. This surgery is a relatively simple operation. A hole is made on the tongue during this surgery and it could be repaired by sewing up your tongue or using a small graft.

Types of glossectomy procedures.

There are different types of glossectomy procedures performed based on the extent of dispersal of your tongue cancer. Let’s have a look at them.

  • Partial glossectomy. As the name itself suggests, under this glossectomy procedure in hyderabad, just a part of your tongue is removed.

  • Hemi glossectomy. Under this type of glossectomy procedure, just one side of your tongue is removed and the other side is left intact.

  • Total glossectomy. Under the total glossectomy procedure, the entire tongue is removed. This surgery is usually carried out when the cancer is quite severe and has dispersed to the entire tongue. However, total Glossectomy could even result in a condition known as aspiration, under which you may be unable to swallow food without getting it in your lungs. Due to the same reason, Glossectomy may be performed with a laryngectomy. Under the laryngectomy surgery, your larynx, or voice box will be removed. This surgery could help in evading aspiration, but at the same time also results in loss of voice. Besides laryngectomy surgery, total Glossectomy also requires reconstructive surgery.

What happens during glossectomy surgery?

Before your glossectomy procedure, you will be given general anaesthesia so that you are asleep during the surgery. In the case of a partial glossectomy surgery in hyderabad, a hole is made in your tongue. This hole will be filled up with a small graft of skin, generally taken from your wrist, together with the blood vessels. The graft is referred to as the radial forearm free flap. The flap will be inserted into the hole in your tongue. However, it is very crucial to hire a proficient and highly skilled surgeon who can connect all the small arteries.

Once the procedure is completed, you may require oxygen for the initial one to two days. Moreover, you may be required to stay in the hospital for seven to 10 days. The duration of stay in the hospital will determine your oral cancer glossectomy surgery price in hyderabad. Additionally, you may even be given radiation treatment to remove any remaining cancer cells.


  1. What are the potential risks and complications associated with a glossectomy procedure?

    Just like any other surgery, there are certain risks and complications related to the glossectomy procedure. The different complications of this surgery could include bleeding, difficulty in swallowing, flap failure, and formation of a Fistula.

  2. Is there any alternative to the glossectomy procedure?

    If you do not want the resection of your tongue done in the glossectomy procedure, then you could choose its alternative, under which radioactive wires will be inserted into the cancerous locations. Though this is an effective treatment, it requires specialised skills and top-notch facilities.

  3. What is the average Glossectomy surgery cost in hyderabad?

    The oral cancer glossectomy surgery price in hyderabad starts anywhere from ₹235,000 and ends at 5 Lac rupees.

  4. Why should I know about the glossectomy surgery from the KIMS Hospitals?

    If you want to get a realistic idea about the Glossectomy surgery cost in hyderabad, then the KIMS Hospitals is the right place for you. The team of doctors here are quite adept In their fields and they will fabricate customized treatment plans according to your requirements. Moreover, with a blend of impeccable experience and top-notch equipment, they ensure to provide you with the best services at affordable rates.

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