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Pediatric Emergency Medicine (PEM) provides acute care and stabilizes children prior to hospital admission. As part of the Division of Pediatric Critical Care, PEM manages children with medical and surgical emergencies and general pediatric diseases.

Your child's emergency room attending physician may order a number of different tests or procedures to determine your child's condition. These tests and procedures are performed with the latest state-of-the-art equipment specifically geared for pediatric patients and every effort is made to ease any anxiety and discomfort your child may experience.

Our ultramodern Emergency Department offers highly specialized areas for the treatment of virtually every type of emergency situation.

  • The Pediatric Emergency Department is designed and equipped exclusively for children.
  • Children who have been involved in a very serious accident or who have been severely burned receive care through our Trauma Center.
  • The Regional Poison and Drug Information Center is located on site for quick access to toxicologic consultation for poisoned pediatric patients.
  • We treat children who come to the ER with a relatively minor problem, such as needing a few stitches.
  • We have devoted a special room for dental procedures and Pediatric Dentists are on call 24x7.
  • All our medical professionals are trained to help children who are the victims of abuse. Sexual Assault Nurse Examiners (SANE) know how to work with survivors of sexual assault in a sensitive, non-threatening manner.
  • Children who need crisis intervention for acute emotional problems receive the care they need in our secure Psychiatric Emergency Unit.We make every effort to keep children as comfortable as possible while they are being treated. Our goal is to achieve a pain-free environment and we work towards that with:
  • Physicians who are expert in pain management and moderate sedation's
  • The use of numbing cream before IV (intravenous) procedures
  • Child-sized equipment, such as smaller gauge needles and tubes
  • Child life specialists and nurses who are specially trained to talk to children at their level, to distract them and help them relax


Thousands of children suffer burn-related injuries each year. Children ages 4 and under are at the greatest risk for burns with an injury rate more than four times higher than children ages 5 to 14. Burns caused by hot liquid or steam, are the most common injuries for younger children, while burns caused by contact with fire, are the most common among older children.

TheKIMS Burns unit provides comprehensive burn care to children with minor or life-threatening burn injuries. Our expert burn care team coordinates the overall care of children. Our goal is to provide "kid-friendly" burn care, minimize the pain and trauma of the injury, and help our patients return to active, healthy, playful lives.

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