Transfusion Medicine


The endeavor of the department of Transfusion medicine at KIMS is to supply safest possible blood components. The safety begins with diligent check of donor's medical history and physical examination. The tests for HIV 1 & 2, Hepatitis B & C, Malaria and Syphilis are done using best of technology and methods. There is an additional layer of safety in testing called Nuclear Amplification Technology (NAT). There are advance technologies like Universal Leucodepletion, Irregular Antibody Screen, etc. to reduce the chances of adverse reactions to the patient.

KIMS Transfusion Medicine department has adopted following technologically advanced strategies to ensure maximum efficiency of the department:

  • Reduction of unnecessary whole blood transfusion, 100% use of components to save blood and use every component as and when required.
  • Apart from carrying out all mandatory blood donation testing (VDRL, Malaria, HIV, HBS Ag and HCV) as laid down by the Drug Controller of India for licensed blood banks, KIMS also performs Hepatitis B core Antibody (Anti HBC Igm +IgG) on every unit of blood to make blood safer for transfusion.
  • These tests are performed on latest ARCHITECT Plus Machine (Micro-particle Enzyme immune assay). It also detects P24 antigen in HIV Testing. It is very sensitive and specific method, with reproductive and reliable results. (Blood grouping and Rh-typing is done using full panel of Forward and Reverse technique).



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