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Embolectomy Surgery Cost

What is embolectomy?

Sometimes confused with a thrombectomy, an embolectomy is a procedure under which your healthcare provider will aim at removing an embolus or blood clot. An embolus is removed because it works as an obstruction in your blood vessels and hence, disrupts the normal flow of blood. However, the blood clot is referred to as embolus and is treated using the embolectomy procedure in hyderabad if it has moved from a particular part of your body to another, like from your legs to the lungs. On the other hand, it is referred to as a thrombus if it is formed in a particular place where it causes problems.

The urgency of performing the pulmonary embolectomy surgery in hyderabad depends on the size and location of your blood clot. In case it is severe and prevents your blood from getting to a crucial organ of the body, the surgery may be performed urgently.

Generally, your blood must get clogged so that you do not bleed too much when you get a cut. However, sometimes your blood may get clogged in places it should not and, hence block regular circulation. In these situations, people can have different conditions like deep vein thrombosis in the leg which could further travel to the lungs and lead to pulmonary embolism. Other than this, you can have an increased risk of getting a blood clot if you have certain blood clotting disorders, obesity, heart disease, cancer, or if you are pregnant.

What happens during an embolectomy procedure?

Two different methods can be used to perform the Embolectomy procedure in Hyderabad. Let’s have a look at them.

  • Catheter Embolectomy.

    Under this type of embolectomy procedure, your healthcare provider will, first of all, inject numbing medicine into your skin and then make a small cut. Then a small needle will be inserted through the cut in your blood vessel and the catheter will be placed in the blood vessel. The catheter is then gradually placed along the blood vessels till it reaches the blood clot. The catheter is usually guided with the help of X-rays and then it is used to suck out the clot from the blood vessels, just like a vacuum. The process is repeated unless all the clot is vacuumed out. Then the catheter will be removed and a bandage will be inserted over the cut. So the different steps performed during the embolectomy procedure will affect your embolectomy surgery cost in Hyderabad. Once the catheter embolectomy procedure is performed, you may be required to stay in the Intensive Care Unit so that your health care team can assess your recovery.

  • Surgical pulmonary Embolectomy

    Under this Embolectomy procedure, your surgeon will make a cut in your median sternotomy, which is the middle of the chest. Then he will open your pericardium and use the cardiopulmonary bypass. A cardiopulmonary bypass is a machine that can perform the functions of your heart and lungs for the time being. When the machine is working, a cut will be made by the surgeon in your main parliamentary artery. This cut will extend where the artery splits and the blood clots will be removed. In this surgical embolectomy procedure, your surgeon will even stitch any external as well as internal cuts and stop the use of the Cardiopulmonary bypass.


  1. What are the possible risks and complications of an embolectomy?

    The potential complications and risks associated with femoral embolectomy surgery in hyderabad differ based on the particular type of procedure used by your health care provider. In the case of the catheter embolectomy, there could be risks of bleeding from a blood vessel, damage, injury to your heart, or the risk of leaving some of the cloth behind. On the other hand, in the case of a surgical embolectomy, there can be risks of heart failure, bleeding, infection, kidney failure, supraventricular tachycardia or even death.

  2. What is the average Embolectomy Surgery Cost in Hyderabad?

    The average cost of an embolectomy procedure in Hyderabad depends on the location where the surgery is performed. Moreover, it also depends on the technique used by your healthcare provider. Hence, if you wish to get a realistic idea of the Embolectomy Surgery Cost in Hyderabad, you should contact the team of adept doctors at the KIMS Hospitals. However, the average cost for an embolectomy procedure in Hyderabad ranges between Rs.1.5 lakhs to Rs.2.6 lakhs.

  3. Why should I know about Embolectomy Surgery from the KIMS Hospitals?

    Being the best cardiology hospital in Hyderabad, the KIMS Hospitals aims at having a clear diagnosis of pulmonary embolism. You can substantiate its credibility from the fact that this hospital is rated the best intensive cardiac center in Hyderabad because of the successful recovery rates it has had in the past for its patients.

  4. What is the difference between a thrombectomy and an Embolectomy?

    Thrombectomy refers to the removal of a blood clot, referred to as a thrombus at the place where it is started. On the other hand, Embolectomy refers to the removal of a blood clot, referred to as an embolus, at a place where the blood clot travelled to.



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