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Our goal is to encourage patients to receive early specialty care and education – getting them on the right track with their diabetes management before returning them to their primary care physicians for ongoing treatment.

Since diabetes affects the nerves and blood vessels of the foot more commonly leading to foot ulcer and subsequently to loss of the limb, amputations among diabetic patients are high due to poor foot care and bare foot walking especially among the poor. We screen patients daily with help of instruments such as Bio- thesiometer and Doppler to detect Neuropathy and Peripheral Vascular Disease along with educating them in proper foot care. Trained surgeons from the plastic surgery department take care of wound treatment and ulcer management. We also conduct routine screening for nephropathy, diabetic gastroparesis, amyotrophy, retinopathy and other diabetic complications.

We also offer diabetes podiatry services feet before the emergence of foot ulcer. The feet are cared for, by trimming the nails, removal of calluses, corns etc. A male nurse trained in podiatry takes care of the podiatry clinic.

Patients with diabetes are routinely screened for cardiac disease using Baseline ECG and Serum Cholesterol so proper treatment is initiated.

We have 24 hour laboratory facilities to undertake Biochemical tests like Lipid Profile, Apo Proteon Studies, Blood Sugar estimation etc.

We offer diagnostic continuous glucose monitoring evaluation, insulin pump classes and initiation. Patients with difficult-to-control diabetes, Type 2 diabetes or high-risk patients with diabetes (i.e. diabetics who recently experienced a heart attack or underwent bypass surgery), can be treated at our Diabetology Department for seamless, intensive management of their disease.

We admit diabetic emergencies in the ICCU. Women suffering from diabetes closely monitored to keep their blood sugar levels in check, especially if they are planning to conceive or are pregnant.


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