KIMS Foundation and Research Center (KFRC) is one of the first centers in India to establish the Department of Genetics that is equally committed to offering genetic services to patients and involved in advanced research in various fields of medical genetics.

The Genetic expert assists the doctors of all specialties at KIMS and other hospitals in diagnosing rare genetic conditions, helping the patient and their referring doctor in understanding the genetic etiology, available preventative reproductive options such as prenatal diagnosis and prenatal screening.

Genetics Outreach program: The KFRC Genetics team is constantly involved in spreading awareness among both the health care professionals and also for the public corporate sector. This is done by conducting health awareness talks in various corporate, social organizations and institutes.

Genetic awareness, especially among the young population (those yet to marry or couple who are planning a family) can prevent them from the emotional and economic burden of genetic diseases in their children in the future. Knowing your genetic carrier status for common diseases such as Beta Thalassemia, sickle cell disease, spinal muscular atrophy etc. can help you prevent severe life-threatening genetic diseases in your children.

If you or your firm/hospital is interested in having an awareness talk by our Genetic specialist, we would be happy to do this as our social responsibility. Please contact Dr. Pavani Upendram at 040-44885053/ 5078/ 5166.


  • World Cancer Day Initiative on February 4th 2014 – to create awareness of signs of familial or hereditary cancers among the public and among clinicians in KIMS hospital – with Map My Genome Ltd.
  • Workshop on Next-Gen Sequencing and its applications in medicine – with Strand Life Sciences


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