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Best Laser Treatment in Hyderabad:

Following are different types of best laser treatment for Piles available at KIMS Hospitals.

Hemorrhoidal LASER Procedure (HeLP): the terminal branches of rectal artery are identified using a Doppler. These terminal branches are then photocoagulated by using a Laser Diode 

Laser hemorrhoidoplasty (LHP): In this procedure, the swollen piles (haemorrhoids) are shrunk by a process called as Laser Cauterization. As the beam of laser passes on the infected mass, the haemorrhoidal mass shrinks, post which fibrosis reconstruction of the area helps to prevent any prolapse 

KIMS Hospitals uses advanced laser technology for painless removal of piles. Being laser, it doesn’t involve cutting and the resultant blood loss is not there.  A focused beam of light is directed at the infected region and it helps to shrink in sealing the blood vessels inside the pile. Laser treatment has many advantages like:

Faster recovery

Painless surgery

Less chances of infection

Bloodless procedure

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