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Dr. V. Dayasagar Rao, Tuesday, June 2, 2020

The heart is the most vital organ in the body. It is the engine that runs our body. Keeping the engine of our body healthy, fit, up and running is our utmost priority. Our lifestyle habits are deteriorating, and our work demands we exercise little and follow a sedentary lifestyle. Our lifestyle habits tend to damage our heart easily and hence we must ensure that we consume heart-healthy foods and include a moderate amount of exercise in our daily routine. Exercise goes a long way to keep our heart going

Exercise means any type of physical activity that burns our calories. Cooking, bathing and daily routine activities burn calories but do not come under the bracket of exercise. Exercises that are good for the heart are:

  • Walking for at-least 2 kilometers per day
  • Jogging
  • Stationery Jogging
  • Aerobics
  • Cycling
  • Swimming
  • Certain yoga postures

Walking is the simplest and best form of exercise which improves your heart health.

Benefits of exercise or unlimited the main benefits are:

  • Maintains ideal body weight
  • improves digestion
  • Prevents build-up of harmful cholesterol in the heart
  • Reduces excess body weight
  • Enhances the production of healthy cholesterol
  • Reduces the stress or pressure on the heart
  • Regulates the function of stress hormones that may put more pressure on the heart.
  • Exercise works as an excellent beta-blocker, by lower high blood pressure and regulating your heartbeats
  • Improves the function of the adrenalin and thyroid gland
  • Clears harmful toxins from the body

Exercise is a benefit in itself for the entire system. You need to exercise by making dietary modifications to your high-fat diet to heart-healthy diet to achieve the best possible outcome. Eating timely is a fundamental issue to a healthy heart. Eating more fruits and vegetables with whole grains along with exercise improves your heart function. Avoid processed food, sugary colas, sweets, red meat while you are exercising as they hamper the results you derive.

Heart specialists recommend aerobic exercise with weight training as the best possible cardio exercise. This combination enhances your heart function. Walking, swimming or cycling combined with a moderate amount of weight lifting at least three times a week tones the muscles enhances heart endurance.

How often do you exercise?

Exercise is not a onetime option, it is a continuous process. Walking, jogging or any form of aerobic activity is recommended for about 30 minutes a day at least five times a week. You must remember to adhere to the exercise time table you make for yourself. You must not avoid exercising at any cost, at the same time you must not overdo it. Your body tells you when you must stop, listen to it. If you feel fatigued or stressed take rest, do not overdo it. Keep yourself hydrated while exercising. Drink enough water.

How do you monitor your progress?

Physical work-out every day is important, however, you can keep increasing your level of fitness by monitoring your targeted heart rate, the rate at which you are weight training without feeling strained. Make it a point to relax if you feel fatigued or strained your muscles.

Sticking to a fitness regimen is quite important. Get up early at the same time; hydrate yourself before any strenuous workout. Exercise with your spouse or your friends to make it more exciting. You can always use a device like a smartwatch to monitor your progress. Avoid skipping your routine. While you cycle or jog you can always use a speedometer.

Exercise tones up your cardio health

After three to six months of a regular fitness regimen, you will be able to perform the treadmill test with much ease. You will be able to consume more oxygen, stay longer on the treadmill your blood pressure remains normal in this scenario which is an indication of a healthy heart.

The the fundamental need of your heart is exercise, exercise is the food your heart craves, give it, keep it going. Set goals, keep following it.

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