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TAPVC Repair Arterial Switch Surgery Cost

Total anomalous pulmonary venous connection (TAPVC) is a rare congenital heart disorder. In this condition, four pulmonary veins are incorrectly connected. The TAPVC repair treatment in Hyderabad depends on the type of correction to be done on the pulmonary veins. Sometimes, TAPVC is also known as total anomalous pulmonary venous return (TAPVR). The arterial switch procedure or the arterial switch operation in Hyderabad is done as TAPVC repair treatment in Hyderabad.

There are four types of total anomalous pulmonary venous connection(TAPVC):

  • Supracardiac: The pulmonary veins rush into the right atrium through the superior vena cava, which carries only deoxygenated blood.

  • Intracardiac: The pulmonary veins direct into the right atrium via hepatic(liver) veins and the inferior vena cava. Generally, patients receive treatment for intracardiac TAPVC. The expenses for treatment for intracardiac TAPVC in Hyderabad are not much different from the procedure cost of other kinds of TAPVC.

  • Cardiac: Either the pulmonary veins directly enter into the right atrium or drain into the coronary sinus, which carries the deoxygenated blood.

  • Mixed: Pulmonary veins get divided and drain partially in more than one of the above ways.

TAPVC Repair Treatment in Hyderabad

The arterial switch treatment in Hyderabad is done for a congenital heart disorder. Generally, the TAPVC repair treatment in Hyderabad is divided into three stages.


The doctor performs a clinical examination and reads about the medical history of the child. Other tests are done as a diagnosis process. Cardiac catheterization is done to enhance the child’s condition in cases of a restrictive atrial septal defect.


TAPVC has to be repaired by surgery performed under general anesthesia. The timing of the operation is decided by the total anomalous pulmonary venous connection and the state of the child. This operation is done on infants and young kids.

It is usually conducted as open-heart surgery, in which pulmonary veins are correctly routed or reconnected along with the perfect blood flow. Moreover, any other abnormal connections between the lungs and the heart are closed permanently.

This corrective surgery is done in early childhood, sometimes one month after birth, for the highest effectiveness. Generally, the kids grow into healthy adults without complications from the surgery.


Sometimes, the incision region feels sore thus, painkillers are prescribed by the doctor. To avoid infection, antibiotics are also given to the patients for a healthy recovery. It takes around six months for the child to recover from the cut.

Patients after the surgery are often asked to limit their physical activities and need regular check-ups. A pediatric cardiologist counsels the patient on the degree of physical activities allowed to the child.

Expenses for the TAPVC repair arterial switch in Hyderabad

Considering the average cost, the approximate value for arterial switch operation in Hyderabad is around Rs.2.6 Lakhs - Rs.4.25 Lakhs. The value for intracardiac TAPVC repair treatment in Hyderabad is similar to open heart surgery because of the somewhat common specialist and procedures.

The follow-up procedure will also add up to the expenses for the intracardiac TAPVC repair treatment in Hyderabad or the general cost of arterial switch operation in Hyderabad.

Factors which affect the TAPVC repair arterial switch cost in Hyderabad

There are various aspects that control the cost of arterial switch operation in Hyderabad such as:

  • Hospital chosen

  • Operating room and aftercare charges

  • Procedure and diagnosis expenses

  • Fees charged by the team of doctors


  1. What are the risks of TAPVC repair surgery?

    There are a few common complications that patients face:

    • Fluid accumulation

    • Scarring and Bleeding

    • Infection or poor healing of the incision

    • Rare but obstruction of pulmonary veins at the site of reconnection

  2. What are the causes of TAPVC?

    TAPVC is a congenital heart disease and there is no particular reason for this disease. Some babies are born with heart disorders due to the changes in their genes or chromosomes.

  3. How is TAPVC diagnosed?

    This heart defect is either detected during pregnancy or soon after a baby is born. During pregnancy, ultrasounds and fetal echocardiograms are used to detect TAPVC. Once the baby is born, the symptoms are studied to detect this disease. Some symptoms include:

    • Irregular heartbeats and weak pulse

    • Problems in breathing

    • Extreme sleepiness

    • Poor feeding

    • Cyanosis, i.e., bluish skin

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