Endophthalmitis Cost

What is endophthalmitis?

Endophthalmitis is a term that describes the inflammation inside the eye, which could be caused due to an infection. This inflammation can occur inside the tissue or the fluid of the eye Like the aqueous or vitreous humour due to bacteria or fungi. These microorganisms enter your eyes through any injury or even during the surgery of the eyeball. In certain rare situations, they may also reach your eye through the bloodstream.

Though endophthalmitis is a rare phenomenon, if it occurs, it requires an urgent medical emergency. The reason behind this is that it has a high risk of making you blind. So you should connect with your health care provider as soon as possible and know all about the endophthalmitis treatment in hyderabad. Endophthalmitis is treated by an ophthalmologist using different antibiotics.

However, in severe conditions, it may even require surgery.

Some of the most common symptoms you can observe in endophthalmitis include redness of the eye, white or yellow discharge from the eyes, blurred vision, swollen eyelids, puffy eyes, severe pain in the eyes or sudden eye pain after any surgery. In case you do not visit your ophthalmologist after observing these symptoms, the infection could get worse.

Types of endophthalmitis

There are two types of endophthalmitis, namely exogenous and endogenous endophthalmitis. As the name itself suggests, under the exogenous endophthalmitis, the infection goes into your eyes through an outside source. However, under the indigenous endophthalmitis, the infection can disperse to your eye from another organ of the body.

Generally, exogenous endophthalmitis is the most common type of endophthalmitis which could occur during surgery or when a foreign body attacks the eyeball. One such surgery that is a cause of exogenous endophthalmitis is cataract surgery. Other surgeries that could result in this disease include surgeries that are done within the eyeball and are referred to as intraocular surgery.

Endophthalmitis treatment

One of the most common types of treatment for fungal endophthalmitis treatment in hyderabad is to inject fungal and antibiotic medicines into your eye. These medicines will preserve your vision while protecting your eye from any further infections. The particular type of antibiotics chosen by your healthcare provider depends on the cause behind your Infection. Sometimes doctors could even use intravenous antibiotics.

However, if you have severe inflammation and soreness in your eyes with extremely poor vision, then you may be given corticosteroids. The steroids may be given to you either orally or through an injection into your eye once your antibiotic treatment is done.

Besides treating your endophthalmitis with antibiotics and medications, in severe cases, doctors can even recommend surgery. The surgery can help to prevent infection and remove the infected tissue from your eye.

One such surgical procedure is a vitrectomy, under which your healthcare provider may remove the infected vitreous gel from your eye. Once the procedure is performed, a medicine will be injected into your eye to evade any possible infection in future.


  1. What can I do to prevent the bacterial endophthalmitis Treatment in hyderabad?

    There are different tips which you can follow to prevent endophthalmitis. First of all, you should wear protective eyewear whenever you work in an area that could cause an object to fly into your eye, like during contact sports or while sawing wood. The protective eyewear can include eye shields, goggles or helmets. Moreover, if you have had eye surgery, then you should follow the post-operative instructions given by your healthcare provider to reduce any risk of infection.

  2. Can vision be retained after Endophthalmitis?

    Most of the time, useful vision can be retained after Endophthalmitis provided proper treatment is given to the patient at the right time. However, in rare cases of bacterial endophthalmitis Treatment in hyderabad, blindness may occur even after the treatment.

  3. What is the average Endophthalmitis Surgery Cost in Hyderabad?

    The average postoperative endophthalmitis treatment price in hyderabad depends on different variables like the particular hospital you are admitted to, the type of procedure used by your doctors, qualifications and proficiency of the doctors, the consultation fees of the doctors, the cause behind endophthalmitis or the type of facilities and equipment available at the hospital. So if you want to get a realistic idea about the cost, then you can contact the team of expert doctors at the KIMS Hospitals.

  4. Why should I know about endophthalmitis from the KIMS Hospitals?

    The Eye Care Centre at the KIMS Hospitals provides impeccable ophthalmic care to its patients, with an emphasis on patient care and efficiency. Moreover, this hospital is equipped with top not surgical and diagnostic equipment, total productivity systems and a modern operation theatre. Due to all the required facilities, the comprehensive ophthalmology service at this hospital provides an extensive array of diagnostic and consultation services to the patients. Be it routine eye examinations or complex surgical procedures, the team of expert doctors here can perform at all.

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