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What is cervical spine surgery?

As the name itself suggests, cervical spine surgery is a surgery performed to help any patient who suffers from either spine instability (Fusion surgery) or spinal cord compression (Decompression surgery) in the neck area. Before getting cervical spine surgery performed, you can consider the Cervical spine surgery cost in Hyderabad or the Cost of cervical spine surgery in Hyderabad. The cervical spine includes 7 vertebrae in the neck that act as shock-absorbing discs. It might become unstable in case any of these discs degenerate and cause pain. Sometimes spinal instrumentation like a small plate might even be used by the doctors to add stability to the spinal construct. This will overall affect the neck fusion surgery cost in Hyderabad or the cervical spine surgery cost in Hyderabad.

Generally, research shows that 90% of the people that have suffered from cervical disc diseases get better on their own over time through conservative and simple treatments. However, in case these treatments fail or the symptoms become more severe the patient might require surgery.

What is cervical radiculopathy?

Cervical Radiculopathy includes a clinical description of when the nerve root in your cervical spine might get damaged or inflamed. This could result in a series of neurological functioning disorders like numbness or altered reflexes, and may even radiate anywhere from your neck into the fingers, hand, arm or shoulder. Hence in this situation, you can consider knowing this Cervical Radiculopathy surgery cost in Hyderabad. Some of the most common reasons that could result in cervical Radiculopathy include the damage or inflammation of the nerve root due to cervical herniated disc or bone spur. Some other less common reasons for you to consider the Cervical Radiculopathy surgery cost in Hyderabad include infection or tumour.

What is cervical Spondylosis?

Cervical Spondylosis refers to the general term that includes the age-related wear and tear of the spinal discs in your vertebrae. As you age up, you can see the symptoms of osteoarthritis when these discs shrink and get dehydrated. Cervical Spondylosis is a very common phenomenon and more than 85% of the people with more than 60 years of age are infected with it. Generally, cervical Spondylosis shows no symptoms for most people. However, in case it shows symptoms, then these mild symptoms will show only pain or stiffness in the neck. In all such situations, you can consider knowing the cervical Spondylosis surgery cost in Hyderabad.

However, in more severe cases, cervical Spondylosis might lead to the narrowing of the space required by the spinal cord and its nerve roots. In this situation, the nerve roots in the spinal cords narrow down and hence you might experience a lack of coordination, numbness, weakness, tingling and loss of bladder bowel control. In these situations, it becomes crucial for you to consider the Cervical Spondylosis surgery cost in Hyderabad.


  1. Should I consider the cervical spine surgery cost in Hyderabad from the KIMS Hospitals?

    If you want to know the Cost of cervical spine surgery in Hyderabad, then you should look no further than the KIMS Hospitals. The adept team of spine specialists at this hospital utilize a plethora of surgical and medical treatments to do everything possible in their hands and efficaciously treat cervical spine disorders. The surgeons at this hospital work in integration with the spine physiatrists that specialise in non-surgical treatments. Besides this, both these teams even collaborate with the physicians at the Pain Management Centre to achieve an accurate diagnosis and provide comprehensive nonoperative and operative care options for the patients.No wonder why you can consider knowing the cervical spine surgery cost in Hyderabad from this hospital.

  2. What is the average cervical spine surgery cost in Hyderabad?

    The average Cervical spine surgery cost in Hyderabad or Cost of cervical spine surgery in Hyderabad ranges from 2,85,000 rupees to ₹4,60,000. Though the average Cervical spine surgery cost in Hyderabad will depend upon multiple factors like the location of your hospital, the equipment used by it and its team of doctors.

  3. What are the different cervical spine surgery approaches?

    Besides knowing the Cervical spine surgery cost in Hyderabad, you should also know the cervical spine surgery approaches. Generally, any dysfunctions in the cervical spine might be treated either through decompression surgery or fusion surgery. To perform both these surgeries, there are two different approaches, known as the anterior or the front approach and the posterior or back approach. Sometimes surgeons prefer the anterior approach because it makes it easy for them to maintain the normal alignment of the spine. However, the posterior approach is preferred in the case of cervical discectomy. You can consider knowing the Cervical laminectomy cost in Hyderabad in this situation.

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