Clinical Trials

We are planning to be involved in VAD trials and have been asked to participate in the Jarvik 2000 trial in India as part of a larger North American- Canadian study. 

The KIMS Health and Lung Transplant Institute will review your records to see if you are eligible for any VAD clinical trial(s). 

If you are determined to be eligible, the heart failure cardiologist & surgeon will give you more information regarding the specific trial, so you can determine if you wish to participate. Our research nurse will work with you to help you understand the clinical trial better, help you fill in consent forms, answer questions, and review device-specific information. 

Participation in any clinical trial is voluntary. We will ensure your participation comes with the necessary paperwork and express consent, in case you are a candidate and fulfill the set criteria. You will not be enrolled in a clinical trial without your consent.

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